Medication Administration


The Medication Administration Aides course was created to meet Nebraska State statute standards for the training of Medication Administration Aides.

Script/Shot List Example


The audience are a diverse group of adult learners with various levels of English competency. Computer skills varied greatly with some learners having very little computer experience.

The focus of development included online and hybrid in-person learning environments and consistent teaching materials and strategies.

In addition to the educational content we also focused on strengthening learner support and feedback, previously somewhat lacking.

The subject matter expert (SME) assisted with the development of scripts and learner centered materials. They also presented the material that was video based.


Learner participation increased over a period of months. Participants had the option of traditional classes or the hybrid course.

The initial feedback from hybrid course participants was positive. The success rate of completion with passing levels and skills transfer increased, surpassing prior success rates.

Learners of various English as a second or third language demonstrated a greater pass and skills transfer rate than previously analyzed.


Learners expressed to the Nurse Consultants facilitating the training that the hybrid class was easier to learn, and they enjoyed the experience more than in the past with in-person training.


  • Administration

  • Medication Administration Aides

  • Direct Care Professionals

development tools

  • Microsoft Word

  • Adobe Photoshop

  • Adobe Premiere Pro

  • YouTube