Earn as You Learn


R5 Recycling Center was part of a HCBS (Home & Community Based Services) organization in Nebraska.

The R5 Recycling Center provides “Learn as you Earn” opportunities for individuals with or without disabilities. The environment is rich with learning opportunities for a variety of soft and hard skills needed in today’s job economy. Though personalized learning programs and group learning events, job share employees are provided with as close to real world training and hands on experience that they can take with them and transition into working for employers in the community.


The Transition 2018 Project’s encompassed designing and delivering a” Learn as you Earn Job Sharing” program. One of the problems that was identified through analysis indicated that restructuring and skills gap training were needed to bridge the transisition. Through action mapping processes and SMART goal creation, the organization supported the transition and development of individual skills training.

The job share, flexible schedule positions at the R5 Recycling Center focuses on learning with in the key areas associated with Tasks, Skills, Tools, Ability, Knowledge, Work Environment, Worker Style, and Work Values in a recycling processing center.


Individuals with disabilities, their families and guardians welcomed the opportunity to learn real world skills and earn competitive level wages.


Feedback from families, guardians and individuals with disabilities was positive. Public image and relationships with community businesses through R5 cleaning services were strengthened and increased.

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