Basic Computer Skills


The Basic Computer Skills class was created to meet State mandated changes to one of its reporting systems.

A training gap was identified within the Home and Community Based Services (HCBS) organization. including basic computer skills, online Therap® training, and online software usage.

Group training was held in the computer lab of the local library. This provided a more comfortable environment for participants who may have at first felt overwhelmed by the learning expectations.


I started by assessing the general computer skills level of employees by means of a skills gap assessment.

Throughout the development phase, attention was paid to not only competency, but also confidence in skills performance - a sometimes overlooked component of a training strategy.

The ability to utilize a computer and correctly document elements of services provided was essential to revenue streams for the organization.


The intended audience viewed the learning experience in positive ways.

An unexpected benefit for some participants was the realization that through this training they would be able to utilize the Internet for personal reasons, as well as for employment requirements.


Feedback from participating learners to administration varied.

  • 98% of learners passed the course and utilized the new skills immediately.

  • 2% repuired follow up and 1:1 mentoring in skills transfer.


  • Direct Support Professionals

development tools

  • Microsoft Word